Hi, I'm Luca.

Ansible Automation Expert, Linux Engineer


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I’ve been 14 years in IT sector with technical background and service in mind.

My strengths are: Ansible Automation, GNU/Linux and Cloud Computing.

I like to explore the newest technology innovations like Kubernetes and Deep Learning.

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29 Jul 2023

Hands-on Ansible Automation by BPB Online book

Hands-on Ansible Automation book, authored by Luca Berton, and published by BPB Online is going to be released soon in the best libraries and online bookshops. Buy on BPB Buy on Amazon WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Gain a comprehensive knowledge of Ansible and its practical applications in Linux and Windows environments. Set up and configure Ansible environments, execute automation tasks, and manage configurations. Deploy applications and orchestrate complex workflows using Ansible. ...Read More

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